To Wear Makeup or Not?

An important decision regarding your business headshot.

The idea if wearing makeup in Western culture, especially in the United States is fraught with emotion and the subject of much debate. Just doing a quick Google search on whether to wear makeup or not resulted in more than fifteen pages of results and many, many more related topics.

There were also lots of articles like Should You Wear Makeup at Work? published in the January 2017 issue of Scientific American, and an article in the New York Times, To Wear Makeup or Not to Wear Makeup, featuring singer Alicia Keys, in a before and after images. What’s a professional women to do when it comes to her business headshots?

Well I’ve decided to make the decision for you. It’s really not about the staunch feminist that you are. I’m down with that, truly! Or, whether you feel makeup makes you look phony or not who you are. I totally understand that as well. And if it’s about allergies;, I’ve got you covered. My professional makeup artists offer many alternatives to sensitive skin. Why you can even bring your own tried and true makeup to your business headshot session.