Professional Business Portraits: Why you MUST have one!

Let’s face it, at some point in your career, you’re going to need a professional business portrait.

Whether you work in hi-tech, real estate, law, science, medicine or finance, it’s impossible to succeed without “marketing” yourself. If you want to develop new contacts and strengthen established relationships, your audience wants to see what you look like. Are you confident, trustworthy, approachable?



But you say you already have a photo on your website, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn page, your Twitter account and your blog. Are you using that snapshot your office mate took with her cell phone? Hmmm. Let’s try to overlook the poor lighting and distracting background. The question is, “does it convey your confidence, trustworthiness, and approachability. Probably not. But that’s what a great corporate headshot should do!

So, you’ve put this off because you don’t like having your picture taken or you think having a professional photo of yourself suggests vanity, think again! We can overcome your fear by making your photo session actually fun. Your images can be relaxed and informal or a more little more “corporate”.  My goal is to help you convey whatever your vision is.

Don’t think you look as polished as you could? We can work together to determine the best clothing for you and your profession. Need some assistance with makeup and hair styling? No problem. I work with several great makeup/hair stylists. Don’t worry. Your new business portrait will be “you” only better! I guarantee you’re going to enjoy having your picture taken and love your corporate headshots. If not, we’ll shoot as many images as necessary until you’re satisfied! Schedule a call with me at 443-840-0484 and we can get started on the new professional you!

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