Pageants, pageants, pageants!

One of my favor photo shoots is working with pageant girls and women. This past weekend I had the pleasure of photographing beautiful Danielle. She’s about to start her career in law, but before she does that, she’s going to enter one last pageant. Danielle brought along her brother, Greg, and Mom. They told me how beneficial “pageant-ing” is. Before you go assuming that pageants are sexist or exploitive you might want to check with Danielle and many of the very poised young women I’ve worked with. 


Danielle’s mom attested to her growing confidence over the years and the pageants’ emphasis on academics and AND community service, not appearance. Although, it certainly helps to be well-groomed wherever you go in life!

Thanks to Danielle’s inner beauty and lovely personality, plus professional hair and makeup by the extraordinary Stephania with the A-List we managed to create a real-life princess!