Glamour Shots Gets Modern

Glamour shots you say? Yes. Glamour shots. Remember back in the day when we’d go to the mall for a girls day out? Have tons of makeup applied, get our hair styled in a fancy do we’d probably never wear out on the street (or maybe we would, after all, it was the 80’s and everyone’s hair just looked bad). We’d wear the glittery, feather boa while donning Marilyn Monroe-like evening gloves. And remember the poses? We tried ever so hard to look alluring and sophisticated. Well I never actually had my glamour shots done, but I did apply for a job there many years ago. They turned me down. So, I just started taking pictures of my kids, then their friends and now here I am taking pictures of grownups and now offering, you guessed it, Glamour shots, but with a modern twist.

Why glamour now? Like Patty Stanger from one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows, Millionaire Matchmaker always asks her clients “Why love now”? Well. Modern or contemporary glamour photography has had resurgence in recent years. Thanks to us baby boomers who always find a way to stay young and relevant. And thanks to a beauty industry that, whether we like it or not, won’t let us get old!

It’s not likely we feel any guilt about getting our nails done, having a massage or going on a trip with our girls! We can now safely and proudly indulge our desires and brag about it! Aren’t you glad to be a women living right now?

So why glamour now? Because we can. Because we’re confident. Because we’re beautiful!

Cheers, Bonnie