The Before and After

What is the “new” glamour shots?


glamour shots after diane paige connie

My new obsession is the before and after photograph. Over the past few years, since offering makeup services to my actor and business clients, I’ve noticed a remarkable thing. Women, usually reluctant to have their photo taken, were more excited, more relaxed and more confident when they had their hair and makeup done professionally. Of course I’d like to think it’s because I’m such an amazingly talented photographer—hold your applause, please!—but it may be what I call the “I’m worth it!” phenomenon. Here’s how it works: You come in for your photo session. You’re nervous. You’re not feeling confident about your smile, your new hair color, your close-set eyes, your wide-set eyes. Whatever. Do you know how many photographs I made my husband take for my about page image? I’m too embarrassed to say. We are NEVER happy with the way we look.

However, bring in a professional makeup artist who can transform that crocked smile into a uniquely beautiful one.  Enhance those close-set eyes with just the right color eye shadow and wrangle those unruly locks into a flattering style for the shape of your face.

It never fails. After taking a look in the mirror every women just feels beautiful! How can you not be confident for your photo session? Instead of wanting it to be over already you feel fabulous.  It’s called the “I’ve got this! I’m beautiful! I’m worth it!” feeling.


What fun I had working with these three beauties for my modern glamour package. Diane Locke, Paige Melville and Connie Tsang.  
Connie provided her amazing makeup and hair skills.

Want to know more about the before and after, experience beauty! package? Schedule your consultation today. Because you’re worth it!

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