Beautiful Opportunities

Glamour Shots with a Friend

This summer has been full of beautiful opportunities. Time to re-visit some old ideas and dust them off. After all, each of us is always trying to renew and keep our lives fresh. Right? Well, I decided some time ago to expand my little business and incorporate more art into my photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love shooting headshots for my actor clients. They will always, I mean always have an interesting life story or background or ambition that keeps me buoyed. And keeps me smiling.

But recently, I’ve been hearing a little voice in my head ( no, not those kinds of voices!) more like a gut feeling urging me to a stretch a little further and dig a little deeper into the meaning of what my profession means to me.

After much hand-wringing and procrastination, which is not always a bad thing. Procrastination often delays a hasty decision and helps one sort out exactly how the task needs to get done.  At least that’s what I tell myself!  But this time it really worked. Creating contemporary portraits of women has been a dream of mine forever.  So this summer I took it upon myself to study the masters, Brigette Lacombe, Sue Bryce and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. None photograph women exclusively (and I won’t either) but each has the found the gift that all women have.  Beauty.  Flaunting it, individualizing it and owning it.

I asked my dear friend of over 15 years to pose for me. Grace is one of the most loving, giving people I have ever known. She’s beat breast cancer down twice. Been doing the Iron Girl challenge for years and she’s a marriage and family therapist!

and always stays poised.  Her beautiful, still slighty British accent—Grace grew up in England—that helps with the poise thing.  Grace is truly remarkable.

reston womens business portraits


reston glamour shots grace


Grace needed business headshots so this is where we started!









And this was the gorgeous end result!




Grace spent the morning being pampered by makeup and hair professional Connie Tsang.  We talked, we laughed and we created elegant, glamorous, photographs for Grace to keep and share forever.

So now opportunies are within my reach. I suppose they always have been.

More to come.

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