Glamour Photography Makeup

I recently worked with beautiful Amanda on a before and after modern glamour photography session. What was unique about the session was that Amanda trusted Connie Tsang and I to decide what type of glamour photography makeup styling would enhance Amanda’s good looks and unleash her inner bombshell!

glamour photography before












Amanda has got those pretty, girl-next-door looks but I wanted to create something a little edgier. A little more “va-va-voom-y”! I scoured fashion magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar magazines in search of a look. I choose a makeup style worn by Kylie Jenner. Despite what some might think of her celebrity status, Kylie’s ad for Cover Girl lipstick was stunning. Connie used the ad for inspiration and voila! Glamour photography makeup at its best!


glamour photography makeup tips












Not everyone is going to want a super glamour look for their photography session and that’s ok! During our consultation we’ll talk details on exactly how you want to be photographed and how much makeup feels right for you. I share what might look good based on what you’d like to wear, your personality and the purpose of the photograph.

glamour photography makeup progessionOur handy makeup chart is a great way for us to visualize just what amount of makeup you’d like to wear for your modern glamour or contemporary business portrait session. And if you’re combining business headshot session with glamour one we can start with less makeup and add to it as we go along to create the fabulous looks you want! See you in the studio beautiful!