Get great hair and skin for your photo session

My colleague and friend, Connie Tsang makeup and hairstylist extraordinaire works with models, politicians, brides and television personalities. She’s an expert in high-definition makeup application and technique and has a few tips to help you look amazing in photographs!

Here are a few of her recommendations on how to get great hair and skin for your upcoming session.

Hair Prep

If you’re trying a new style or color, do it at least two weeks before your session. You’ll know soon enough if it’s a keeper or not! There’s nothing worse than having your new look be a string of “bad hair” days, especially on the day of your shoot.

Be sure to wash your hair the night before with shampoo and conditioner (If your hair is ultra-fine and oil-prone, wash it in the morning of your photo session. Apply conditioner from midshaft of the hair to the ends (this helps with tangles). If possible, apply a mousse or smoothing cream in the hair when blowing drying.

Skin Prep

Beginning five days before your session, exfoliate your face once a day with a gentle facial scrub. This smooths the “canvas” for makeup application. Arm and Hammer baking soda works very well, especially if you have sensitive skin. Focus on areas with noticeable pores, oil, around the nose, mouth and on the lips. After cleaning your face, apply toner and/or moisturizer. Please arrive with your face clean and with no makeup.

Do get plenty of sleep the night before and drink lots of water the few days leading up to your session. The science is still out about whether drinking more water results in radiant skin but water is good for cleansing toxins from the body and for general good health and beauty!

how to get great hair and skin for your upcoming session