Business Headshots for Women: Casual vs. Traditional

Which look is right for your brand?

Recent client Jennifer is an international affairs expert and wanted a more professional photograph for her LinkedIn profile. My typical business headshot sessions run about and hour and include headshots of course, but 3/4 body shots as well. I always encourage my clients to bring as many outfits as they want, to cover all the professional “roles” they see themselves in.

Depending on your profession, you may decide that a more traditional photo with say, a gray or dark background will serve you best. If you’re a finance type or lawyer, depending on what type of law you practice, you might want to convey a more serious but approachable persona.

If you’re a family therapist, software developer, realtor or entrepreneur your look could be a bit more casual and include a closeup headshot or non-traditional background such as outdoors.

I recently found a cool web tool called PhotoFeeler. For a small fee you can find out whether your social media photos make you look smart, likable, trustworthy or fun! 

business headshots for women

Since Jennifer’s field is more traditional we stuck with some pretty traditional poses and clothing choices. Here’s more on what to wear to your business headshot session.


So when it comes to business headshots for women: casual vs. traditional? Why not do both!

business headshots for women

While we took the traditional poses, I wanted to capture a more casual vibe that Jennifer could use for her Google or Facebook avatar.

If you want more information on what a typical session is like at my studio, please check out my portrait session information page here.