Black and White Portraits: Ashley


Black and White with Ashley

While we’re constantly bombarded with hundreds of images, video and sound, black and white portraits force us to slow down and look at the subject. Black and white portraits hold our attention and invite the viewer to get to know the subject quite intimately.

A recent session was with my lovely model Ashley yielded these beautiful images.

Ashley loves black and white portraits just as much as I do and suggested many of the looks and poses that created this variety of moods.

When I began taking photographs over 20 years ago, I started off using film Kodak Kodak Tri-X 400 film. You put it in the camera and you took the film out when you couldn’t take anymore pictures. Then you developed the film in a darkroom.  Which for me was the small bathroom in my then one bedroom apartment!

It was pretty amazing. The thrill of not knowing whether you were going to actually be able to remove the film from the canister was just the beginning of creating what I hoped would be a remarkable image.

I’ve since gone digital and shoot color images as well. However, I am always looking for models who would love to be photographed in black and white. Please check my black and white portrait photography gallery for some of my very favorite images. 

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