Black and white photography wall art ideas

Decorating your home with black and white family portraits

Black and white photography wall art siblings
40″ x 30″ matted and framed




Family photographs make decorating your home or office so easy. Especially if they are black and white. Classic and elegant, black and white portraits compliment any wall or furniture’s color palette. The only decisions you’ll need to make are the material and color of your frames or you might just choose a borderless gallery wraps.

black and white portraits wall art ideas
40″ x 60″ gallery wrap




I love gallery wraps because they are a breeze to hang. Depending on the size, all canvases come with one or more pieces of hardware sufficient for supporting the weight of your image. Sawtooth or wire hangers are on the back of each canvas, depending on the size. All you’ll need is a nail and hammer!

black and white photography wall art ideas young lovers
30″ x 20″ custom mat and frame




When deciding where to hang your black and white portraits a few simple rules of thumb will bring it together. When hanging art over furniture, in this case a sofa, the image should be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the sofa or piece of furniture below it. Your portraits should be hung anywhere from 6″ – 8″ above the sofa.

black and white portrait wall art ideas
30″ x 40″ gallery wrap





There’s always an exception to the rule! Clearly this image is larger than 2/3 the width of the table but it’s a photograph my children, Nara and Kade I took almost 20 years ago! Of course, I’m going to make sure it takes over the space. In fact, going a little larger is always better than hanging an image that’s too small.

black and white wall art ideas children above a fireplace
20″ x 24″ mat and frame




I work with one of the best professional photography print labs in the country. Your framed photographs will be printed on resin-coated paper created to make black, continuous-tone prints, while avoiding color tints. The paper uses silver-based emulsion and provides excellent tone reproduction with display and 100-year archival quality.

black and white portrait photo ideas. Little boy with big, brown eyes!
24″ x 30″ gallery wrap




Gallery wraps are printed on classic or pearl canvas and wrapped around either 1.5″ or 2.5″ stretcher frames. Pearl canvases meet archival standards for pH and lightfastness. Classic canvases are industry approved for print permanence by the International Fine Art Trade Guild.