Acting Headshots! How you can show your confidence.

Maryland Kids Acting Headshots

When you’re serious about acting, you’ve GOT to have a great headshot. There’s no way around it. Everything from your poses, your facial expression, and your clothing choices can solidify your brand or miss the mark completely. I photographed “D” recently and as you can see she embodies confidence and charisma! She was a delight to work with one because she was, well delightful, but more importantly, she came prepared to be the professional actor that I’m sure she’ll become.

The bulk of an actor’s auditions are for casting directors. And they love when you make their jobs a little bit easier. 

Your headshot should show casting directors both the intangibles and tangibles of you as an actor: how you look on camera, your essence, your energy, and personality. Casting directors want to see who you are, what you bring to the table, and why you’re worth bringing in for an audition.
~ Piyali Syam

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